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Top wholesale markets in Guangzhou, China {full guide 2021}

Top wholesale markets in Guangzhou, China {full guide 2021}

In this article from the ddpch website, we will point to the best wholesale markets of clothes and shoes, electronic products, watches, jewelry, and fabrics in Guangzhou, China.

Guangzhou is the capital of the province of Guangdong which is located in southern China. This city was the terminus of the Silk Road. The only port accessible to most foreign traders, Guangzhou plays the role of a major transportation hub.

Thousands of traders and businessmen visit this city each year and try to purchase the required products. In this case, Guangzhou could be a place to import products.

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It is not suprising to mention that this city is a home of large wholesale markets.

In the following sections, you could learn about the most popular wholesale markets of this city.

Best wholesale markets of Guangzhou

As you might know, China is the economic heart of the whole world and Guangzhou is the home of more than 1.000 wholesale markets.

All required items, such as clothing, electronic products, daily supplies, and more, are found in these top wholesale markets.

Wholesale markets of Clothes and shoes

We will point to best wholesale markets of clothes and shoes in Guangzhou.

Shahe Clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou

Located on East Guangyuan Road, Tianhe district, Shahe clothes wholesale market is one of the three largest clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

This market is a good place to buy low-end men’s and women’s clothes. This market is consists of three main markets which produce all kinds of products at reasonable prices.

Baima Wholesale market in Guangzhou

Baima wholesale market which is located in Zhannan road, Yuexiu district, is the most famous market for international traders.

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As it is located to most of the huge factories, a large variety of clothing with low prices could be found here. Men and women wear are among the available products of the Baima wholesale market.

Guangda Shoes Plaza

Also known as Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza, is the largest wholesale market of shoes in Guangzhou. It is located at the junction between Fenghuang guars avenue and Qingcha road in the Baiyun district.

You could purchase all kinds of shoes, like sports shoes, boots, leather shoes, and children’s shoes at highly reasonable prices. It should be noted that most of the products available here are fashionable.

wholesale market of clothes in guangzhou

Wholesale markets of Electronic Products

Electronic products are the next wholesale market in Guangzhou which offers significantly discount prices. From cell phones to computers and their required accessories, you can find all of them at low prices.

Electronics Hiayin Square, Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Center, and New Asia international city of electronic science and technology, are the most famous ones.

Electronics Hiayin Square

This electronic wholesale market which is located in Donghu road, Guangzhou, is the first electronic market in this city. This four-floor wholesale market produces a thousand types of electronic items.

This market offers all kinds of Electronic Products, such as refrigerators, water heaters, mobile phones, electronic games equipment, electronic toys, security monitoring, and printers.

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Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Center in Guangzhou

Located in Dongfeng Xi Lu, is among the best electronic wholesale markets in Guangzhou which offers most of the big brands.

Do not forget to use your bargaining skills in this market, although most of the prices are highly reasonable. However, we suggest you improve your information about the required items as fake items are available too.

New Asia international city of electronic science and technology

New Asia international city of electronic science and technology which is located in 55 Xidi second road in Liwan district of Guangzhou, is an electronic famous center.

This market is now among the most professional electronic markets in Guangzhou. From mobile phones to related accessories, you can find all brands in this famous market.

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wholesale market of electronic products in guangzhou

Wholesale markets of watches in Guangzhou

If you are looking for special watches, Guangzhou is the right place for you. All the wholesale markets of the watch are gathered together in Zhan Zi Road.

Zhan Zi Road in Gaungzhou

This wholesale market which is located in the road with the same name is the largest wholesale market of the watch in whole China. It is worth mentioning that not only wholesale markets, but also retail sellers are in this market.

This market is a home of a large number of manufacturers that offers all types of watch with interestingly low prices. You can also see the products of big local manufacturers too.

Also, it should be noted that some other huge markets like South Watch Center are located here which sells watches for every quality and style.

Top wholesale markets in Guangzhou, China {full guide 2021}

Wholesale markets of Fabric

Guangzhou is the fabric wholesale center in China too. From raw materials to finished clothing, you can find all of them. They are some large fabric wholesale markets in Guangzhou which we will discuss below.

Zhongda Jiuzhou Textile Trade Plaza in Guangzhou

Zhongda Jiuzhou Textile Trade Plaza which is also known as Guangzhou Kyushu fabric market is located in Ruikang Road in Haizhu district.

With more than 1000 shops, this large wholesale market offers medium-quality items with fairly low prices. You can find all types of products in Zhongda Jiuzhou Textile Trade Plaza, from satin and lining fabrics to leisure fabrics.

If you are looking for something special and could not find it here, it is not possible to find it in other wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

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Guangzhou International Textile City

As one of the largest and most famous places in Guangzhou City, Guangzhou International Textile City offers lots of products, such as fabric and garment.

Guangzhou International Textile City is located in Xingangzi road in Haizhu district. This market could answer all necessities of the globe. Good quality and low price is the other characteristic of this wholesale market.

wholesale market of fabrics in guangzhou

Wholesale Markets of Jewelry in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the host of large Jewelry wholesale markets which meet all the necessities of trades and local people. Guangzhou has several wholesale markets of jewelry which here we will focus on the most famous ones.

Liwan Plaza

Liwan Plaza which is located in Dexing road in the Liwan district is a perfect place to find fashionable and classic pieces of jewelry in Guangzhou.

You can find every type of jade, pearls, and crystals which low prices. It should be noted that this place offers the primary material to make pieces of jewelry.

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Taikang City in Guangzhou

This wholesale market which is located in Taikang road in Yuexiu district, offers all types of jewelry.

Unlike Liwan Plaza which produces material to make jewelry, this famous market offers finished pieces of jewelry. You can find every style of jewelry in this market at low prices.

jewelry shop


Guangzhou is a large and populous city in China with large and crowded wholesale markets. Each year, large numbers of international traders and visitors come to this city and cover all their required products.

High quality and low prices are the main characteristics that are mutual in most of the wholesale markets of Guangzhou.

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