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What Is DDP and How It Differs from DAP for shipping from China?

What Is DDP and How It Differs from DAP for shipping from China?

We get a lot of similar questions from our customers who have recently started importing from China. One of the FAQs, however, is what is DDP, and is it comparable to DAP?

So, this time on DDPCH, we’re going to explain these two popular incoterms and help you get your heads around them.

A Friendly Reminder About the Incoterms

The term DDP is an acronym of Duty Delivered Paid. However, it only makes sense when you put a location after it. For instance, you have to say DDP China to make it clear where the cargo is from and where it’s going.

DDP China Is a Go-to Regarding Transactions

Most of the traders who’re importing electronics from Shenzhen along with those who’re importing clothes from Guangzhou utilize DDP China as the delivery method.

That’s because, via this technique, they’re only responsible for the unloading of the cargo. The seller must handle everything else. This includes packaging, labeling, local transfers, storing, and taxes.

Ecommerce News Europe claims that 40% of new sellers Amazon Europe are based in China.

Usually, these companies that are a part of Fulfilment by Amazon in China opt to use DDP services. And that’s because sellers can manage the specific packing and labeling procedures that Amazon requires.

DAP Is the Best Deal for Exporting to China – Here’s Why ( DDP vs. DAP )

Delivered at Place is a service that leaves the buyer in charge of unloading, customs durance, duties, and taxes. That’s while the seller will only be responsible for the packing, labeling, and freight.

If you want to export to China and you’re not familiar with the importation/exportation laws of this country, DAP is the best bet. It puts the buyer in charge of all the legal stuff and VAT.

We Know What DDP Is and How It Works in China

Our company offers air freight, sea freight, DDP, Amazon FBA, and other comparable services at a fair price. We take care of the cargo from the initial stage (at the factory) and bring it to your store.

You can contact us for more information or visit us at A1403-79, Futian District, Shenzhen.

DDPCH, by far, is the best shipping agent in China, and we assure you that your cargo will remain in our safe hands the entire time.

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