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Why choose air freight for shipping from china to France?

Why choose air freight for shipping from china to France?

Why is air freight the best option for sending products and goods and shipping from China to France? One way you can choose to export and ship the product from China to France is by air freight. But in general, we will explain the reasons for choosing and the disadvantages and advantages of air freight in this article. Stay with us.

Air Freight Benefits

air freight shipping from china to france

Compared to other modes of transport such as land, sea, and rail, it can be said that air freight is much faster than. Although it costs a lot more than other methods, it can generally be a much better option. If you have products that are in high quantities in terms of quality and value, or you even want to ship your goods from China to France in less than ten days, the best option is to use air freight and shipping products from China to France.

Another advantage of air freight is the lower risk when sending products compared to sea and land methods. The longer the load time, the higher the risk of cargo failure. In this case, using the air freight method will be the best option for sending goods. On the other hand, the tracking capability of this type of transmission is much better than other methods. wherever your product is anywhere in the world, you can easily know its movement path every second.

Introducing the largest France airports for shipping from China

Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

air freight shipping from china to france - charles de gaulle

The largest airport in France and its capital Paris is Charles de Gaulle, which is one of the busiest airports in Europe. This huge airport was commissioned in 1974 and has the highest number of flights worldwide. It is interesting to know that this airport handles more than 72 million passengers a year and handles about 4 million tons of cargo from this airport.

More than 23 airlines operate transports around the world. There are also china cargo airlines at this airport which you can do direct shipping from China to France at this airport. China Southern Cargo is also based at the airport, paving the way for Guangzhou to Paris to send and receive air freight.

Paris Orly airport

air freight shipping from china to france- orly

Paris Orly International Airport was established in 1932 and is the oldest airport in France. The airport handles more than 36 million passengers a year, as well as 50 different airlines that provide air transportation services to their customers.

The best airports in China for Air freight

The following is a list of the largest airports in China that ship to France. Shanghai Pudong is the first major airport, which is the direct and first route of any country to export and receive goods from China by air freight.

Shanghai Pudong Airport is one of the two international airports in China’s Economic Zone, handling more than 4 million tons of cargo a year. It is also the third-largest airport in the world in terms of air transport.

On the other hand, Beijing Capital International Airport provides export and air transportation services to more than 150 countries due to its location in a completely strategic region.

Beijing Capital International Airport is another major airport in China, located in Beijing, which is the second-largest Airfreight destination in China. The airport registers more than 2 million tons of cargo per year, which is a record of its kind.

How to calculate volume weight in Air freight

air freight shipping from china to france

The calculation of the volume weight of products for export from China to France depends on different cases. We have two types of calculations in this case, the exact weight for the products calculates by these methods. First, the final weight of the products, and second, the volumetric weight. Because the aircraft must be optimized in terms of cargo volume and have a smaller volume in the cargo area, the volumetric weight of cargo must also be calculated so that, for example, if the volume of a product was much larger than its weight, the volumetric weight is considered as the main weight.

calculate volume weight is simple. First, you need to get the length, width, and height of the package and multiply all three by the unit to get the cubic inch of the shipment. To get the exact weight, you have to divide the number by 366 to get the kilogram weight of the shipment. For example, suppose you want to ship a product from Shanghai to London, Your shipment has 20 packages, each of which weighs 10 kg, and the dimensions of each package are 30 x 20 x 15 inches.

Exact weight 20 * 10 kg = 200 kg

Volumetric weight = 30 * 20 * 15 * 20 boxes / 366 = 491 kg

Therefore, because the volume weight of the products is higher, its volume weight determines as the weight intended for air freight.

Duration of air freight from China to France

Why choose air freight for shipping from china to France?

In general, as we have shown in the difference between air and sea freight, sea freight from China to France will likely take more than 10 days to reach the buyer. But the procedure for carrying air cargo is different. In general, if you use the port-to-port system, it will probably take less than 4 days, and if you use door-to-door shipping, the products will reach the buyer from the seller to the buyer in 10 days. However, you should also pay attention to the amount of loading time, delivery time and complete packing in the airport terminal, and the time of clearance and execution of goods from China to France.

What goods use in air freight?

Normally, goods sent by air freight that should reach the buyer in the shortest possible time or be valuable in terms of value about weight. Consider sending only goods that cost less than 15% of the total cost of shipping.

Which airlines is good for shipping from China to France

China cargo airlines

The airline was established in 1998 and uses Boeing 747 and Boeing 777 aircraft for international airlines. A total of 11 aircraft are in this airline, 8 of which are Boeing 777 aircraft.

China southern airlines

Another airline in China and at France airports in Guangzhou and established in 1988. The airline is one of China’s three largest airlines with extensive international coverage and has nearly 626 aircraft for cargo and passenger transportation worldwide.

To ship products from China to France by air freight, you must also pay attention to the type of product and the maximum time of receiving the product at the destination. In this way, you can decide to send your products to France via air freight at a higher cost, or receive them in France, which has more guarantees and less risk.

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