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why choose air freight from China to Japan?

why choose air freight from China to Japan?

China is a great country and no one can deny it. It is the most significant economic power in the world, therefore it is not surprising that many businessmen and businesswomen go annually to this country to provide the products for their business!

When the products are ordered, this question comes to mind: which way for the goods transportation, the air freight, or the ocean freight?

It is better to know that to choose the best way depends on you; however, each way has some advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. 

This consideration will help you to enlighten your mind and think about all aspects.

In this article, we aim to talk about “why to choose the air freight from China to Japan.” At the end of this article, you will have enough information to decide!

China and Japan 

For many centuries, China and Japan have been rivals! However, in the 21st century, there is no more space for being an enemy, and these two countries are cordial diplomatic and economic bonds.

Newly some negotiations between these two countries have resulted in implementing a Free Trade Agreement

The statistics indicate that Japan is the second-biggest trading partner of China and China is the first import partner and second export partner of Japan.

Therefore, the negotiations have been significant, and they have changed the atmosphere to more trading benefits. Good results!

The air freight from China to Japan

Different reasons result in choosing air freight from China to Japan. Many people think that air freight from China to Japan is very much more expensive than sea freight!

It may cost a bit pricey, but this way has the excellent advantages that must be considered. These advantages are as following:

  • High speed: airplanes are so faster than any other vehicle. Hence, by using air freight, you can save your time, which is an essential matter in the business world, and it is not needed to wait for several weeks to get the packages. 
  • Easy tracking: The timing plan for the arrival and departure of the aircraft is explicit. Hence, you can easily track the airplane to check the exact time of its appearance. It is one of the significant advantages of choosing air freight from China to Japan.
  • Flexibility: Using air freight to export packages from China to Japan is a very flexible way. One important reason is that there are various airplanes from China to this country. Then you can choose the best time according to your plan.
  • High security According to international rules, high security is in the air traveling, and your goods are not at risk.
  • Light packaging: as in the airplane, the good have a safe place, it is not necessary to use bulky packages.
  • Low insurance: due to quick transit, the insurance premium is not high, and it is significant for all businessmen and businesswomen.

These reasons are general ones that help businessmen and businesswomen to choose the air freight. 

Besides these advantages, it is better to know that Japan is well connected to China by air. Then, many flights operate daily from almost all the cities in China to Japan, and you can choose the best time!

The airport in Japan

Airports in Japan are well developed. The facilities are entirely organized based on customer needs. Therefore, these airports are very popular worldwide.

There are only six international airports and 45 national airports in this country. 

5 of 6 international airports are located on the island of Honshu. These cities that these intentional airports are inside them are as following:

  • Tokyo
  • Chubu
  • Osaka, Kansai, and Osaka
  • Nagasaki

How long does it take from China to Japan?

Averagely, it takes 6 hours from China to this country. But due to some affairs that must be done, it takes three days to receive the packages through the air freight if you choose the Express service, and it takes eight days if you select the usual way.

Then, as you can see, it is one of the significant advantages to receive packages from China in this country.

As this century is the century of speed and no one likes to wait for a long time, you can receive the products as soon as possible, and then you can use them in your business. 

Airlines from China to Japan

As these two countries are well connected, there are many airlines from China to this country. They are as following:

  • HK Express 
  • All Nippon Airways 
  • Jeju Air 
  • Hong Kong Airlines 
  • Juneyao Airlines 
  • Spring Airlines 
  • Cathay Pacific
  • China Eastern Airlines

What is the cheapest Airline?

The price always is one of the most crucial matters for people, particularly businessmen and businesswomen. 

Because air freight is more expensive than ocean freight, it is usual that people are looking for some ways to cut their costs. 

The cheapest Airline from China to Japan is Hong Kong Airlines. Then if the time and services of this company match you, it is the best option to choose from.

Use DDPCH to import your packages from China to all over the world!

Door to Door or the DDPCH group is a china company that helps you send your packages (not important big or small) to many countries such as the United States of Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

The only thing you should do is deliver packages in china to the DDPCH group and then give them the destination. You can choose the air or ship transportations. After that, the DDPCH team will call you in the destination, and you can receive your packages safely.

For more information, please contact the DDPCH team. 

How long does it take for the air freight from China to Japan?

It depends on the way you choose, but averagely, it takes 3 to 8 days to receive the packaged by the air freight!

Is the air freight expensive?

many people think that the air freight is expensive. the air freight is a bit more expensive than the ocean freight, but it had many advantages that can not be ignored!

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