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Why choose air freight service for shipping from China to Canada?

Why choose air freight service for shipping from China to Canada?

This article from the ddpch website will point to all the necessary information you need to know about transit time, prices, and airports for shipping from China to Canada.

Before we move to the main point, let’s first consider economic relationships between these to large countries.

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The economic relationships between China and Canada

Both countries have important and logistics relationships; therefore, China is the largest economic partner of Canada in Asia and the second one worldwide for some years.

China is the top export market for Canada and is the top importer to this country. Canada also allocates large money for importing from the biggest supplier in Asia.

Both have a win-win relationship: China is looking for a rich partner in western countries, and Canada is also trying to import its products and services to China.

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economic relationships between china and canada

The prices of Air freight service for shipping from China to Canada

It should be noted that several factors, including season, location, and cargo size influence the total price rates. But generally, the city where you want to import also plays an important role in shipping from China to Canada.

Most of the export from China is done through Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen cities. The prices, significantly, differ in each city.

For air freight service for shipping cargo from Shanghai in China to Vancouver in Canada, you should expect to pay up to 1.960 dollars for each load of 200 kg. However, for air shipping from Ningbo and Shenzhen to the same city in Canada, you should be ready to pay up to 1.560 dollars and 1.300 dollars.

The next import destination from China is Montreal. Shipping from Shanghai to this city will costs up to 1.300 dollars. If you purchase the required items from Ningbo and import them to the same city in the country, be ready to pay the same costs. However, shipping from Shenzhen to Montreal will costs lower; about 1.280 dollars.

For shipping cargo from Shanghai to Toronto, you must be ready to pay 1.280 dollars. However, shipping from Ningbo and Shenzhen to the same city in Canada could pay up to 1.290 dollars and 1.300 dollars.

Coronavirus pandemic influence whole world economy. It seems that China’s economy turns back to normal but the same has not happened in Canada. Therefore, delay in receiving the items and decline in demand volumes could be expected.

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air freight service from china to canada

How we can keep down the prices and transit time from China to Canada?

By attending some tactics and strategies you could lower the prices as much as possible which includes:

  1. get ready the required documentations: in clearing the customs duties, you could get ready all the required items to improve the process. DDPCH as a source agent in China is familiar with all the obstacles and solve them.
  2. Book before hand: This factor influences more in sea shipping but also matter in air freight too.
  3. Work with trustful providers: Then you do not have to pay more money and fasten the whole process.

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The transit time of Air freight service from China to Canada

As was mentioned above, several factors play a role. But generally speaking, it takes between four to seven days for cargo to deliver from China to Canada.

Provided in details, it takes between 6 to 13 days for consumer to receive her/ his items and products by door.

Obviously, not only transit time but also the price for shipping in several events like the Chinese New Year and Golden Week increase dramatically.

In this case, suggested you to book the shipping before hand to not to force pay more money.

DDPCH is a well-known company that active presence in this field and offers high-quality services to its consumers. Our consumers are happy with offered services with highly reasonable services.

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What are the Chinese and Canadian airports for shipping from China to Canada?

Freight forwarders or Source agents in China are professionals in this field. Our professional and skilled technicians in DDPCH could take this responsibility and overall, decrease the costs.

But if you are trying to do these things yourself, you should have information about Chinese airports.

Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Ningbo airports are the most used ports for shipping from China to Canada. Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto are also the ports in Canada for shipping from China.

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airports in china and canada


In this article from the DDPCH website we try our best to provide you with the latest information about transit time, costs and airports for shipping from China to Canada.


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