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Why choose sea shipping from China to Saudi Arabia?

Why choose sea shipping from China to Saudi Arabia?

Shipping goods in containers by ship is called Sea freight. It is also known as ocean freight. In this transportation, goods shipped in sea containers and these containers are loaded onto a vessel and sail around the world. Most often large quantities of product are transformed by this method. This form of freight forwarding is suitable for large shipments that are not time-sensitive. It is the best form of transportation since it’s cheap, flexible, suitable for shipping dangerous goods and environmentally friendly. Freight shipping transit time affected by factors such as distance, shipping mode and route. It takes 20-45 days. In this article, you will get to know about shipping goods from China to Saudi Arabia.

There are various types of shipping

  1.  Deep-sea shipping: it’s a kind of intercontinental shipping over long distances and used for commodities like iron ore, oil, cement, and fertilizers.
  2. Short sea shipping: It is over short distances, seashores and other waters. It is used for commodities but the volumes are smaller and have different sea freight rates.
  3. Inland shipping: This kind of shipping involves inland waterways, which include rivers, canals, and lakes. The volumes are smaller in compare to the other types. Goods such as petroleum products, mining products, and chemical products are shipped by inland waterways.

Some of the pros of shipping goods by sea freight

Some of the pros of transporting goods by sea include:

  • shipping large volumes is at low costs- a freight forwarder can consolidate consignments to reduce costs
  • you can use the shipping containers for further transportation by road or rail

The economic ties between China and Saudi Arabia in shipping

Oil, infrastructure and tech among industries have has benefits because of strong partnerships between nations’ companies.

China and Saudi Arabia had stronger trade relations and economic cooperation in 2019. The two countries shared economic interests and they developed the Belt and Road Initiative. Also, oil trade lies at the heart of business ties between China and Saudi Arabia. Saudi companies want to have third-party markets with China to further develop BRI cooperation. China-Saudi Arabia trade increased 32 percent year-on-year to $61.4 billion in 2018. China has been the Arabic country’s biggest trade partner.

China ships construction machinery, vessels, manufacturing equipment, steel, electronic products, textiles, garments, and household appliances to Saudi Arabia. In addition, Saudi Arabia exports to China metallic ore, aquatic products, marble, olive oil, and sesame. Saudi companies invested in China’s fast-growing energy sector to meet its surging demand for both refined and crude oil, as well as new refining technologies. Saudi Arabian Oil that is one of the world’s top oil exporters, planned to build a 300,000-barrel-per-day refining and petrochemical complex with Chinese partners in Panjin. Based on statistics, most products Import by Saudi Arabia from China were Mach and Elec in 2015. The chart below shows the product imported by Saudi Arabia from China in 2015.

Major 10 Ports in Saudi Arabia for shipping

Major 10 Ports in Saudi Arabia for shipping
Major 10 Ports in Saudi Arabia for shipping

Saudi Arabia that is in Western Asia is a major trading partner with countries in the region. It has 10 major ports that are important for its economy.

1. Jeddah Islamic Port

It is in the middle of the international shipping routes and connects the East to the West. Jeddah is the second-largest city and in Saudi Arabia and it’s the second-largest port among Arab countries. In addition, it handles more than 65% of the country’s import commodities.

2. King Abdulaziz Port Dammam Port

It’s the largest port within the Persian Gulf. It is also the second busiest port in North Africa and the Middle East. After Jeddah, it has most of the operations and capacity. It handles most of the export services in the oil industry.

3. King Fahad Industrial Port Yanbu

 It’s nestled between Europe and America’s Suez Canal trading routes and the Far East’s Bab Elmandeb. It exports oil and import equipment and machinery. It has the capacity of handling 130 million tons annually.

4. King Fahad Industrial Port Jubail

It handles three different types of refined petroleum, chemical fertilizer, iron or cargo, petroleum gas products like butane, propylene, Ethylene, and Phenol chloride. This port is important in the trading of products with the players in the Jubail city.

5. Jubail Commercial Port

This port does the commercial cargo in Jubail that includes general, container, and bulk cargo with the capacity to discharge 50 to 400 tonnes per hour.

6. Gizan Port’s involvement

It is located on the southern Red Sea coast that is close to some of the most important ocean routes to Europe and other eastern countries.

7. Ras al Mishab Port manages shipping

This port can manage containers, bulk, and is also capable of managing break bulk.

8. Ras al Ghar Port

It cannot manage big sizes cargo, but it helps to move regional or small amounts of shipments.

9. Ras Tanura Port

It is a small port that manages manage mid-size cargo. Also, it has airport and highway infrastructure that manages exporting and importing in the area.

10. Dhuba Port

This port has routes to Greece, Turkey and French ports. It handles different types of cargo and has modern infrastructures.

Shipping your goods by DDCPH

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It also offers full ranges of freight services to satisfy your requirements. In addition, it manages shipping services to Saudi Arabia (cities include Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh and so on). You can experience the best shipping services. Our company serves you the best shipping services. Whenever you want transport your goods from China to Saudi Arabia.

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