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why Choose the air freight from China to Hong Kong?

why Choose the air freight from China to Hong Kong?

China is a great country for many businessmen and businesswomen. One of the most important reasons is that there are many products in this great country with low prices and high quality.

These two factors are crucial for each business; then, it is not surprising that why many people travel to this country to buy products. 

Many great companies have a plant in China, and it shows that neither great company nor people can ignore the opportunity offers in this country. 

Hong Kong is an independent region in the south of the people’s republic of China. If you are in other cities in China and want to send the goods to this country, you may ask how to send the packages from China to Hong Kong? Is it better to choose air freight or sea freight?

In this article, we aim to talk about air freight from China to Hong Kong. At the end of this article, you have enough information to decide. 

The goods freight from China to Hong Kong

As you know, Hong Kong is an essential center for goods transportation in Asia. The international airport in this country is a robust platform. 

It is important to mention that all methods of freight are available between China to Hong Kong. Hence, you have the great opportunity to choose among different ways!

The air freight from China to Hong Kong

Different reasons result in choosing air freight from China to Hong Kong. Many people think that air freight is very much more expensive than sea freight!

It may cost a bit pricey, but this way has the excellent advantages that must be considered. These advantages are as following:

  • High speed: airplanes are so faster than any other vehicle. Hence, by using air freight, you can save your time, which is an essential matter in the business world, and it is not needed to wait for several weeks to get the packages
  • Easy tracking: The timing plan for the arrival and departure of the aircraft is explicit. Hence, you can easily track the airplane to check the exact time of its appearance. It is one of the significant advantages of choosing air freight.
  • Flexibility: Using air freight to export packages from China to Hong Kong is a very flexible way. One important reason is that there are various airplanes. Then you can choose the best time according to your plan.
  • High security According to international rules, high security is in the air traveling, and your goods are not at risk.
  • Light packaging: as in the airplane, the good have a safe place, it is not necessary to use bulky packages.
  • Low insurancedue to quick transit, the insurance premium is not high, and it is significant for all businessmen and businesswomen.

The type of air freight from China to Hong Kong

There are different methods for the air freight from China to Hong Kong, but two ways are popular:

  • The classic air freight 
  • The express air freight 

The classic air freight usually takes six days, but the express air freight takes two days.

The classic one is cheaper than the express one. Then it depends on you to choose which way of the air freight from China to Hong Kong. 

Please pay attention to this point that the classic air freight is a better solution for 2 CBM and 200 kg packages. But the express air freight is the best choice for small parcels under 0.5 CBM and 20kg. 

How long does it take to fly from China to Hong Kong?

There are different flights from all important cities in China to Hong Kong. The average time is as the following:

  • Xi’an / 4 hours 
  • Shenzhen / Guangagzhou / 30 minutes
  • Qingdao/ 4 hours 
  • Ningbo / Shanghai / 4 hours 
  • Beijing / 5 hours 
  • Chongqing / 5 hours
  • Kunming / 3 hours 
  • Nanchang / 1 hour
  • Harbin / 4 hours 
  • Changsha / 4 hour

These average times will help you to organize more efficiently. 

Which companies do transit from China to Hong Kong?

Many international prominent companies do transit from China to Hong Kong; some of them are as the following:

But many experts suggest that it is better to use the Chinese companies for the goods freight from China to all over the world.

There are different reasons, but one of the most crucial ones is that the local Chines companies are the cheapest. 

Which airline is available from China to Hong Kong?

There are two prominent airlines which offer air freight; they are as the following:

  • Hong Kong Airlines ( this company provides cargo flight to major international airports all over the world)
  • China Eastern ( this company offers the air freight to many airports in the world, and it is well known for its excellent services) 

International Hong Kong Airport 

This airport was built in 1998, and now it is the busiest airport in the world for cargo traffics in China.

It also has the 8th position in the list of international airports for passenger traffic.

In 2017, 73 million passengers and 5 million tones of goods were transported from this airport.

Now, around 100 airlines operate their flight in this airport to cities in the world. 

Use DDPCH to import your packages from China to all over the world!

Door to Door or the DDPCH group is a china company that helps you send your packages (not important big or small) to many countries such as the United States of Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

The only thing you should do is deliver packages in china to the DDPCH group and then give them the destination. You can choose the air or ship transportations. After that, the DDPCH team will call you in the destination, and you can receive your packages safely.

For more information, please contact the DDPCH team. 

How long does air shipping take from China to Hong Kong?

it depends on the way you choose, but averagely 2 to 6 days.

What is the fastest way to ship from China to Hong Kong?

absolutely the air freight.

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