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Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to Germany?

Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to Germany?

Here you will learn about the Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea shipping from China to Germany, and the timely delivery of sea, air cargo from China to Germany.

Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to Germany

Most of the cargo from China to Germany is sent by international express companies and EMS. There are many forms of cargo transportation and  Sea shipping from China to Germany. The specific logistics resources can be found according to the needs of users. If you want a preferential price, it is recommended to choose a particular German line for transportation, which will be more cost-effective.

What is the DDP Cargo?

DDP refers to delivery after duty paid at the port of destination. Duty-paid delivery means that the seller completes import customs clearance procedures at the designated destination and delivers the goods that have not been unloaded on the delivery means of transport to the buyer.

What are the DDP cargo from China to Germany Advantages

  1. The customer does not know much about transportation, customs, etc., for the first time or at the beginning of importing, so he relies on the exporter to help him complete these steps.
  2. Customers (especially some French customers) are reluctant to deal with these trivial matters and leave it to the exporter.
  3. DDP reduce the risk of import, especially some goods that are easily subject to import restrictions, tariffs, or trade barriers.

How long does it take to air cargo from china to Germany ?

Air cargo from China to Germany takes two or three days. It usually takes about ten days for air delivery to the door. There is a big difference in freight.

5 Airfreight ports in Germany:

Cologne Airport, Aachen Airport, Schönefeld Airport, Tegel Airport, Berlin Tempelhof Airport,

sea Freight from China to Germany

For the sea cargo from China to Germany, there are some specific needs for considering. According to the cargo situation because the common containers are 20GP, 40P, 40HQ, 20GP carry heavy goods, and 40 normal containers high containers are bulkier. Large cargo. In terms of freight, the freight of 40GP and 40HC containers are similar. Usually, they are basically the same in many cases. The occasional difference is probably tens of dollars or 100 dollars. Therefore, we have to look at whether the goods are heavy or light. If the goods are heavy,we can pack them in a 20GP container, and the freight will be cheaper than a 40-foot container.

How long does it take to ship from China to the port of Bremen, Germany?

For domestic shipments to Germany, the time limit for arrival at the port is standard for three or four weeks.

 Main seaports in Germany:

 Main ports in Germany Hamburg, Bremen, Wismar, CUXHAVEN, EMDEN. How long it takes to sea cargo from China to Germany depends on the origin/destination port and the voyage of the shipping company so that we can know an accurate time

How long does it take to by sea from Ningbo to Germany?

 It takes about 27 days to reach the port from Ningbo to Germany by sea. Generally speaking, the direct flight from Ningbo to Hamburg is CSCL (China Shipping) for about 28 days; COSCO (COSCO) for about 27 days; EMC (Evergreen) 24/32 days; WHL (Wanhai) about 32 days; CMA (CMA) about 27 days; YML (Yangming) about 28 days.

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DDPCH provides high-quality solutions for customs clearance and air transportation issues for air and sea cargo from China to Germany . Airfreight to Germany takes off from Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Hong Kong airports without transit, providing convenient, efficient, and cost-effective air cargo from China to Germany for domestic individuals and enterprises in need.

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