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Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to United Kingdom?

Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to United Kingdom?

Cargo from China to United Kingdom is currently a popular mode of transportation, and the dedicated airline is also more popular. The special airline from China to the UK can arrive in a few days.

What is DDP?

To put it simply and crudely, DDP means that A is shipped to foreign country B. A is responsible for all transportation and customs clearance (A can entrust a freight forwarder). The difference is that DDU does not include taxes, that is, goods. The tax will be paid when B receives the goods. Of course, DDP means that all fees are paid by A.

Commercial shipping currently takes typically 5-6 weeks to arrive like this. Postal shipping will be slower; it may take two to three months.

How Long Does it Take to air Cargo From China to the united kingdom?

The timeliness of cargo from China to United Kingdom is relatively fast, and the safety is relatively high, which is very suitable for some high-value products. What are the ways of air transport from China to the UK? What logistics companies are there? Internationally and in the United Kingdom, the transportation is carried out by air, and the package can be delivered in about four days. It is more suitable for mailing small, lightweight but high urgency items, such as documents. Airfreight is the most expensive but also the fastest.

Why to choose air cargo for shipping from China to the United Kingdom?

How Long Does It Take to ship Cargo from China to the United Kingdom?

The whole journey from China to the UK is shipped by sea. After the package arrives in the UK, it is transported by water or rail. This type of transportation has the lowest price, and the transportation time ranges from 1 to 3 months, which is suitable for oversized packages that are not in a hurry.

Departure airports: China cargo airports such as Haipudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, etc.

 Destination airports: London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Manchester Airport, Leeds Airport, Birmingham International Airport.

China seaport

  • Fujian
  • Guangdong
  • Hainan
  • Hebei
  • Hong Kong

 United Kingdom seaports

  • Southampton
  • London
  • Immingham
  • Liverpool
  • Felixstowe

How long does it take to get to the UK by sea?

In fact, in addition to the normal procedures and weather-majestic factors mentioned above, the shipping from China to the UK also has customs clearance. The time for customs clearance will generally greatly affect the overall timeliness. Many users think that the long time for shipping to the UK is mainly due to the long time for customs clearance, and there are even problems with cargo clearance. You can find the British shipping line to understand and then judge. It takes about 25 days to get to the port, and about 39 natural days to get to the door. The shipping time is relatively slow, but the shipping is very traditional, and the freight is relatively low.

How long does it take for domestic shipping to ship to the UK?

At present, if China Shipping ships to the United Kingdom via a cross-border logistics line, it will take about 20 days from the time the ship departs from port to port. If it includes customs clearance and door-to-door delivery, it will take about 30-40 natural days. The specific time depends on which port you are shipping from and to which port. If it is from the Pearl River Delta region to the United Kingdom by sea, it usually takes about a month to arrive in Hong Kong. Generally speaking, the shipping cycle is longer. If the timeliness requirements are high, you can use the China-Europe Express International Railway or air transport channels. The timeliness of these two channels is faster than that of ocean shipping. But the price is generally higher than that of ocean shipping.

choosing air freight for shipping from china to the UK full guide 2021

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