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Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to Spain?

Why Door to Door (DDP) Air, Sea cargo from China to Spain?

You have some questions about air and ship Cargo From China to Spain. There are three annoying considerations when shopping online from other countries including : Long delivery times, unreliable international shipping providers, and not knowing what import fees you need to pay until the package has arrived in your country. This is enough to prevent many buyers from clicking the buy button, causing the shopping cart to abandon.

What is DDP?

DDP is a solution provided by many e-commerce retailers to buyers not to deal with these troubles. You may ask, what is DDP? Quite simply, DDP means that the seller bears the freight. DDP means that sellers are responsible for the product, delivery, and VAT costs, in result buyers don’t have to worry.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cargo From China to Spain?

How many days does it take to Ship Cargo from China to Spain? The specific situation requires specific analysis. The time limit for sea transportation varies with the port of departure, port of destination, shipping company, and shipping schedule. For example, shipping from Shenzhen to Barcelona, ​​the same shipping company HMM, has different shipping schedules (one is four cuts, one is five cuts), one takes 22 days, and the other takes 31 days. For another example, shipping to Barcelona, ​​Spain, also departs from Friday to Sunday. EMC takes 25 days to arrive, while HMM only takes 30 days.

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Major seaport in Spain


 The most important ones are Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Tarragona, Algeciras, Valencia, Marin, Madrid madrid, Adela adra, Vigo vigo, Palma palma, Malaga, Cadiz, Cadiz, Ceuta, Gijon, Alicante, etc. Take the port of Shenzhen as an example to introduce the time required for shipping to Spain:

   1. Shipping to Valencia Port in Spain, APL, HMM, OOCL, COSCO, and many other shipping companies directly arrive; the fastest is 22 days. The shipping companies are OOCL and COSCO; the slowest is the modern merchant shipping takes 33 days. One shipment of LCL by sea has a time limit of 30 days.

  2. Ship Cargo From China to Spain:  Barcelona Port, there are many direct ships. The fastest voyage of modern merchant ships is about 22 days, and the slowest is about 31 days. Other shipping companies need about 24 days. The shipping time limit is 25 days, NYK, KLINE, EMC direct.

  3. Ship Cargo From China to Spain: Algeciras Port, CMA, MSC, HMM, and other shipping companies can reach it directly, and it will take 20 days at the earliest. The shipping time limit is 30 days.

  4. The fastest voyage to Madrid, Spain, is about 22 days. The shipping time limit is 30 days.

  5. Shipping to Bilbao in Spain requires transit. The fastest voyage takes 31 days, and the slowest takes 40 days. The shipping time limit is 30 days.


 How long does it take to ship to Spain by sea? How many days does it take to ship from Shenzhen to Spain?

  Spain is located in southwestern Europe, on the same Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, borders France and Andorra in the northeast, and covers four-fifths of the Iberian Peninsula. Its territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, and Ceuta and Melilla in northern Africa. It takes about 20 days for Shenzhen to go directly to Spain by sea and about 31 days for transit.

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How long is the fastest air Cargo From China to Spain?

Cargo From China to Spain line is one of the leading international air transportation dedicated lines of Shanghai Jingwen Logistics Co. It professionally undertakes door-to-door express mail from Shanghai to Spain and 24-hour fast door-to-door pickup and delivery service. Large quantity and price concessions, multiple flights per week from Shanghai to Madrid, Spain, guaranteed timeliness.

 How long does it take to air Cargo From China to Spain?

 It usually takes 6 days for China Air Express to reach Spain. Because air express from China to Spain is an international express, it requires a customs declaration, scanning, security inspection, and formalities. Yes, these all take time. And after arriving in Spain, you also need to go through customs, security checks, scanning, etc.; you also need to express to the receiving city in Spain, express to the receiving network and deliver. If the express is delivered by air from China In the receiving cities in Spain, under normal circumstances, it usually takes 6 days, not more than 8 days

Airports in China and Spain?

Departure airports: China cargo airports such as Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Hong Kong Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Beijing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, etc.

Destination airports: Madrid Barajas Airport, Barcelona Prat Airport, Malaga Airport, Seville Airport.

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