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Why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen? Detailed answer

Why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen? Detailed answer

Some call it geek’s heaven, others, a super-hub for technology and gadgets, to us it’s a must-see city for tech businesses importing from China. Shenzhen is the center of electronics – and cheap electronics we must add, in China. But why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen? Read on to know more about this tech utopia and receive your answer.

But actually why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen in southern China is a fast-developing city. It is home to many industrial factories, mainly electronic factories. So you can find a variety of electronic products in this city at a cheap price. And there are special places or markets which specifically sell electronic goods. The most popular is be Huaqiang Bei (North Huaqiang, which is the largest market for electronic products). This market is a must-go spot in Shenzhen to buy electronic goods. Other world-famous electronics markets in Shenzhen, are the SEG market, Yuanwang Digital Mall, and Huaqiang Electronic World.

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Huaqiang Bei Commercial Area has many shopping plazas or malls. You can come to SEG Electronics World or Huaqiang Electronic World if you want to buy computers, laptops or cameras; If you want to buy phones, Ming Tong Mall is the best choice; Zhong Dian Mall is a better choice if you’d like to buy MP3, GPRS or any other items. The price of various products is usually cheap due to the massive amount of production in the city. If you want to import electronics from Shenzhen, and have bargain skills, you can save a lot of money.

What are the most Famous Electronic Markets in Huaqiangbei?

Why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei

Now that we know why electronic goods are cheap in Shenzhen China, let’s take a look at some of the markets. Most famous electronic markets of Shenzhen are located in the Huaqiangbei Commercial Area. This commercial area is home to a number of large electronic markets, such as SEG Electronic Plaza, Huaqiang Electronic World, and Yuanwang Digital Mall. In the following, we will take a glance at each of these electronic markets.

SEG Electronic Plaza

SEG market is the most famous mall in the Huaqiang Bei Commercial area. This building is dedicated to electronic business, mainly selling phones and computers. It is worth mentioning that products in this mall are of much higher quality compared to other markets.

Huaqiang Electronic World

Huaqiang Electronic World is the second largest electronic center of Shenzhen, which is mostly a place for spare parts and second-hand electronic products. However, this mall has a reputation as the second-hand computer market. In this building, you can find computer assembly services and accessories, computer repair and second-hand accessories, and notebook trading center with second-hand computer sales.

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Yuanwang Digital Mall

Yuanwang Digital Mall is one of the biggest wholesale markets for refurbished or smuggled mobile phones. It is primarily engaged in all forms of well-known domestic and foreign brands of digital application in four product categories: digital audio-visual products, mobile phones, computer products, and electronic anti-theft security monitoring equipment.

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