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Why to choose Courier companies for shipping from China?

Nowadays there are different ways to deliver goods from one country to another one, Such as deliver goods from sea, air or surface. There are a lot of companies that work in this field, such as FedEx, TNT ,Aramex,TPS and DHL. In this article we want to speak about Courier company for shipping from China and why to choose them, So keep on reading this article to get more information

Different reasons for choosing Courier company for shipping from china

• cheaper costs:

There are different factors that person or company should consider in sending or delivering goods from one country to another country, one of these factor is the cost, lower expenses and costs , lower exchange rates and handling fees ,as well are some factors to choosing Courier companies shipping from China

• fast delivering :

Chinese Courier companies are fast deliver and have a big deals with other companies, so with any doubt or stress you can have an agreement with them and your goods will send to your specific destination , also you can trust them without any regret.

• better market knowledge:

They know more about the market and how to handle logistics, so with Choosing them you can increase your luck to have better deals and gain more insight

• personalized services:

instead of working with one or two partner in independent office, Chinese Courier companies will offer you with more personal one to one partnership and also it can cause to enhance and improve your operation

famous courier companies

Now I want to explain some of these Companies in the field of courier in brief, that I was mentioned before, at the beginning of the article , so keep on reading this article, you should know them and increase your knowledge about product sourcing companies

Famous courier companies
Famous courier companies


The first one is DHL, DHL or DHL Express is kind of German Courier company that was established in 1969 ,it’s also known in the as the world largest Courier service and the head office of it is based in Bonn Germany.
This German company is located in China for about three decades and the head of it is in Beijing, DHL has a worldwide delivering service especially international shipping


It’s kind of Courier company based in the United States, but its different office located around the world, especially China, it was established two years after DHL company means it was established in 1971 and now it’s known as one of the largest Courier company in less than four decades.


UPS is the abbreviation of United Parcel Service and like DHL and FedEx it’s also one of the famous and known company in delivering and courier services. It was established in 1907 Means at ancient times, so it is one of the oldest company in the world at the field of courier


is also kind of courier company that was established in 1946 in Australia but after a while it moved to Europe, means liege , Belgium the amazing thing about it is that FedEx company bought it in 2015, but yet it is still works as a separate company from the FedEx, it has different branches on worldwide like Shanghai, China that was established in 2004. Nodaway, TNT works in 61 countries and has branches in this countries.


It’s kind of Courier company that was established by Fadi Chandour and bill king son in 1982 in Jordan and now it’s based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates ,like other couriers companies, it has different branches all around the world, means in about 70 countries

what are DDPSCH services?

Here we will mention some of them just in brief inorder that you become familiar with Some of the services in brief.
DDCPH offers different services like VIP membership, first door in door agent and two offices in China located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China
So in this article you became familiar with different reasons for choosing Chinese Courier company for shipping and also some courier companies that are famous around the world
Thanks for reading

why to choose courier companies for shipping from china?

there are different reasons we can consider for it like cheaper costs ,fast delivering and better marketing knowledge

which companies are famous in field of courier?

companies like FedEx, TNT and DHL

what are DDSCPH services?

DDSCPH offers different services such as VIP membership, first door in door agent and two offices in China located in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China

what is UPS?

UPS is the abbreviation of United Parcel Service and it’s kind of courier company

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